Jim Shaft Ryan

Glamorous One



-DJ Eclipse (2) You Got Me 6:15
–Fruit Loop* Show Me Love 4:14
–The Experts Motor 5:47
–Technotronic Pump Up The Jam ’96 (Tin Tin Out Mix) 6:42
–Tony De Vit Trippy 6:41
–Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes (OPM Remix) 5:53
–Tony De Vit Don’t Ever Stop 7:32
–SAS Amber Groove (Tall Paul Remix) 4:58
–Diddy Give Me Love (Tony De Vit Remix) 6:55
–East 17 Hey Child (S & T Mix) 5:21
–SJ* Fever (Tony De Vit Club Mix) 9:48
–Brainbashers* Take Me Away 3:56
–Bi Boy Action Squad Boopaloopa (Phil Kelsey Remix) 6:50
–NY Alliance* Killa Beat 4:46
–Clank Funk Me 3:54
–Soul Surfers Slip (Billy Kiltie Remix) 5:20
–Space (4) Female Of The Species (D’Still’d Remix) 5:56
–R/Factors* Vis R’ Vis 6:48
–S’Express Theme From S’Express (Aquarius Remix) 5:28
–Playmate Puzzle Discotecs 3:50
–Outrage Tall N’ Handsome (Dex ‘n’ Jonesey Mix) 4:51
–The Last Discosuperstars* Euro-Phoria 4:50
–Baby Blue Child 4:48
–Ping Pong (3) It’s About Rhythm (Remix) 5:25
–Blue Boy, The* Remember Me (Cavern 3 Remix) 7:12
–Kim Richardson Higher (Nu Breed Remix) 10:03
–Tanya Louise Deep In You (Stone Club Mix) 5:33
–Retrakt Do Without (House Mix) 3:26
–Dominatrix (3) Messin With My Mind (Disco Mix) 6:10
–Mike Twangling Good Times (Angel Mix) 4:44
–JP* Sexy Thing (Chunky Bar Mix) 3:34
–Travis Bickle (2) Easten Promise (Original Mix) 4:45
–Sublime TGV (Paris – Marseille) 4:18
–Fluke Atom Bomb (Atomix 5) 7:40
–Victor Imbres Featuring Dihann Moore Fire 6:07
–Two Amigos* Los Puerbos (Summer Madness) 5:56
–UCC* (Dodo Bassburger Dub) 5:16
–B.O.P. Featuring Earl Bennett Alright (Cotton Club Fantastic Mix) 6:13